Measuring EER ?

Hi – I’m new to the forum AND the biz (home energy).  I’ve been trying to do interweb research on a couple of things – but not getting too far.  Maybe some of y’all have insights on the following?…

  • does anyone have experience in MEASURING the EER of a home a/c?  i.e., measure the cooling BTU’s and the power draw.
  • and related… there are 4 power draws from a/c – 1. compressor, 2. evap fan, 3. condensor fan, 4. controls.  RIght?   Anyone ever seen/know a breakdown of how much power each of these components typically use ?

Thanks in advance.  Love the site.  Hope to be smart enough to contribute some day !

Rookie Asked on February 26, 2019 in Residential HVAC.
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