Has anyone ever used the Rawal device for humidity control?

The recent episode on system over sizing with Genry Garcia made me think of a product called the rawal device.

Here in the northeast we don’t have the same struggles with humidity as in other regions but we had a perfect storm a few years back in which a customer wound up with some pretty grossly oversized RTUs. The business was associated with pharmaceutical processing and needed to maintain and document a specific RH. I recall a lot of hullabaloo went down and the 12 units got a rawal device for each stage.

its a mechanical load matching device; basically a desuperheating/hotgas bypass aparatus. I was pretty impressed. The customer was able to get control of their humidity and it turns out they save energy in the process.

Has anyone in high humidity environments used this device? Ever used it for things besides cleaning up design disasters?

Rookie Asked on April 6, 2019 in General Conversation.
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