RE: What makes your business different? What makes you stand out?

What’s something that your business or the business you work for different? Is there something you provide customers that make you better then the guy down the street? Is there something that makes your customers come back time and time again besides good customer service and fixing the issue the right way. 

MattDRVA97 Rookie Asked on March 4, 2018 in Business Talk.
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It’s a million little things, for example the way someone answers the phone, how and where a tech parks, how they present themselves, how they approach the door, explaining the issues with the system, etc. I’ve found that doing all the little things don’t necessarily make clients loyal, but not doing all the little things are more likely to turn them off, even if they don’t recognize their own uneasiness, with a tech that’s less than stellar. I’ve been to homes for a second opinion, and had H/O’s describe some of the most bizarre interactions. Recovering from problems can also be a strong suit. The last company I worked at did that very well, a technician was authorized to spend $200, to fix an issue, supervisors $1000. An example- at a retrofit job, white carpeting throughout the home. Our installers rolled out a sticky plastic they call the red carpet, (think pallet shrink wrap but sticky on one side and translucent red) and covered that with drop cloth runners anywhere they’d be walking. Unfortunately when carrying the old evap coil out of the home, rusty, dirty, condensate dropped out and found its way thru the drop cloth and floor protection. They noticed immediately and called Stanley steamer and scheduled when convenient with H/O. Less than 5 minutes from dripping had it scheduled and paid for. That client told at least 50 people that story and we got a ton of work from them, just by the way we had recovered. The tech knew what to do, and got it handled even tho it was over his $200 limit.
Shoe covers, thorough explanations (as needed, some client don’t want or need it). Communication is probably the most important aspect, if a tech is running late or early, if parts are needed just an update of expected arrival. There’s millions of more things that a great company does, besides doing the job correctly, these are the first few that came to mind.

Junior Tech Answered on March 6, 2018.
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