RE: What is your favorite strange tool that you can’t buy at a regular supply house?

Many of us have strange or homemade tools we use every day. Give us a picture and description of come of yours.

BryanOrr Pretend Internet Professor Asked on March 2, 2018 in Tool Talk.
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I cobbled together a special “valve socket” for the manual lift stem on Sporlan solenoid valves.   It is a 1/8″ brass stem making it really soft and easy to snap.  I snapped ONE trying to use a crescent wrench because I never carried the stupid valve coin thingy they sell/give away.

Took a steel valve key, welded it to a cheap 7/16″ socket 1/4″ drive that I had wasting space in a bucket, cut the edges and spun it on a wheel grinder.


It’s grim and ugly, but just the socket gives plenty of leverage to open and close the manual lift stem with no need of a wrench.

Super Tech Answered on March 2, 2018.
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