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What type of dispatch software does your company use. Our company was recently sold. We went from using palm pilots devices that would allow us to take payment and receive our calls via the handheld machine. The new company does not have such a system and lately we have been doing everything on paper. I am hoping that we upgrade soon so that we don’t have to use paper. What devices and software is your company running ?

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The last company I worked at, started with ESC, then they bought a new system that was still being developed called back office (IIRC), it was horrible. Took almost a year and nearly half a million dollars and it still didn’t work right, we were guinea pigs for that one. We worked with the programmers so much and so often they actually hired the developers directly and created a program that they now sell to other contractors around the country. I really miss using that program, it worked great. It’s called M.O.S.T. just imagine what you would want a scheduling and dispatch software to do, and that’s how it happened, the owners, managers, techs, installers, and sheet metal guys all asked for things, and it got put together. If you want to see what it looks like the website is mostfor (dot) com. I don’t work for that company anymore and am not affiliated in anyway, not an advertisement. The company I work for now made their own and constantly makes me miss the M.O.S.T. program. I believe there’s several companies using it on the east coast too.

Junior Tech Answered on March 4, 2018.
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