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G31010JC… weighed the charge in after pulling it to verify it wasn’t low, weighed it in exactly. Ran the system and checked on it once it reached temp. Running a very low subcool, and a normal to high SH. This has a txv, which had just been replaced by another tech, along with the evap and drier. Tech support didn’t seem worried about the low head pressure (200 in a room that was 75 degrees r404) should have been more like 255 or so based on the ambient temp. It finally pulled down to -5 deg F, and shut off,  but we got a call that it wasn’t pulling below 8 degrees. The case was completely empty and hadn’t been messed with since the initial repair.

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So, this rules out a charge issue.

You can adjust superheat with most TEVs if you are concerned about a high superheat.

I’m not familiar with that exact unit, What sort of control system do you have?


Super Tech Answered on March 2, 2018.
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