RE: Thoughts On Tech Support?

Do you think tech support is a good thing, a bad thing, or are you indifferent? 

csp02 Rookie Asked on March 10, 2018 in Residential HVAC.
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Tech support is very important…and sorely lacking…in the HVACR field. Many times a quick answer would save hours of aggravation and guessing. I am a Tech Lead at Bluon Energy and am a member of our support team. We manufacture TdX20 (R458a) which is a replacement for R22 and we have a support team set up to help contractors in the field when they are retrofitting a system, to help building owners with common questions regarding refrigerant blends, and to help service managers find the best option for replacing R22. All the members of our support team are technicians who have years of field experience and we work hard to find answers for our customers.

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Rookie Answered on March 14, 2018.
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