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For the guys that use smart probes. Do you have any pictures of how you add refrigerant while using them? What’s your set up out there in the field?

CoryRay Rookie Asked on March 3, 2018 in Tool Talk.
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Appion tee adaptor and a 6’ hose with a ball valve.
Put the ball valve toward the refrigerant tank, this way you don’t have a large amount of liquid sitting in the hose to add into the system when you are done. Modulate the refrigerant at the hose ball valve. When you are done turn off the tank and open the ball valve to reduce the pressure in the hose to suction pressure and put the small amount of liquid IMO the system.

I also use a C&D CD5050 valve access tool on the high side to reduce loss of refrigerant and finger damage.

Apprentice Answered on March 3, 2018.
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