RE: Manual J software

What ACCA approved manual J software are you using?

mhoush Junior Tech Asked on March 3, 2018 in Design.
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Sorry to derail the topic a bit, but if I buy Wrightsoft and the modules I need, do I also have to pay to renew then yearly? Or is that dependent on what programs I need?

Sorry for the newb question. Just hear that Wrightsoft is the best but am trying to figure out if it’s the best investment to make with my new business.

Rookie Answered on March 3, 2018.

I don’t have wrightsoft, but pretty sure it’s a one time charge. There may be a fee if they come out with an update or major version change. Hopefully someone with actual experience can confirm this though.  Wrightsoft (the non-mobile version) is Windows only, the mobile version is a yearly subscription FWIW.  

on March 3, 2018.
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