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Can someone please explain the correlation between low temperatures inside a residential home and high humidity. I was told to lower the temperature inside the higher humidity, Which seems to be true. But I don’t know how to explain that to homeowners. Example today tstat set for 64, temp inside 66 humidity inside 92%.

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A residential split air conditioner cools and dehumidifies only when it runs. The problem is 90% of residential air conditioners are controlled by a thermostat that will cycle the system on and off based on sensible temperature only. When you have cool temperatures outside but high humidity, like we have here in Northwest Florida in the spring and fall, the air conditioner runs very little and the humidity is not removed. One hack that I have used in my house when I had a single stage air conditioner is say the temperature in house is 74 and humidity is high, turn the thermostat down to 72 and allow it to run for a half hour. This way you are running the air conditioner to remove the moisture in the air and have only a small change in sensible temperature. After a half-hour turn the temperature back up to 74. When the humidity becomes uncomfortable again, repeat the process. Basically you are acting as a humidistat. I have tried to explain this to homeowners but they do not get it. Trying to turn a human into a humidistat is a difficult undertaking. You may want to speak to your customer about a whole house dehumidifier or a new multi-stage heat pump or air conditioner. I personally think that single stage air conditioner controlled by a thermostat that works on sensible temperature only is the dumbest thing in humid climates. I hope this helps.

Rookie Answered on August 18, 2018.
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