RE: Load Calculation + Equipment Selection in Residential: Why or why not?

Curious how many residential companies are currently working with ACCA’s guidelines on system design.   Is there a way to remain competitive while the appropriate amount of time to do things right, especially in the case of retrofitting?  It seems like there’s so many variables at play, some which I’m blissfully ignorant to. 

How does your company approach this? 

oldthinker Parts Changer Asked on March 5, 2018 in Design.
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There are 2 ways of doing things: the right way and wrong way. That’s why we have all those manuals.
Many choose the fast way because they think they have to do what competitors do, and so the system feeds itself of the wrong diet.
Sure they are ways to handle the situation in order to try to do the best we can and the previous post is good example of it.
We used to have a MJ mandatory in FL for change outs till a few years ago and it was supposed to encourage contractors to understand why a load calc is necessary. It did the opposite.
Sure a MJ is not always necessary when based on site visit, talking to customer, experience etc. But it’s always a good practice to think that it might be and to do one when the job is ours.
Doing one for each quote costs a lot of resources, so we have to find a compromise. Not easy to do the right thing when we know that a large number of competitors make a good living by not giving a second thought about screwing people over.
Personally I always did one and always recommend it. The how and when are left up to each individual.

The right path is always an uphill battle against lazy ness but is much more rewarding. Good luck to all !

Rookie Answered on March 8, 2018.
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