RE: Load Calculation + Equipment Selection in Residential: Why or why not?

Curious how many residential companies are currently working with ACCA’s guidelines on system design.   Is there a way to remain competitive while the appropriate amount of time to do things right, especially in the case of retrofitting?  It seems like there’s so many variables at play, some which I’m blissfully ignorant to. 

How does your company approach this? 

oldthinker Parts Changer Asked on March 5, 2018 in Design.
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The answer by mhoush is pretty close to how I do it. I have extended data for the major equipment lines that we sell. When proposing (NOT a quote) a new system I base the sizing on what is currently there, and off of input from the homeowner. Once given the go ahead to proceed I’ll do a complete room by room manual J, and S. In the middle of summer, a few have slipped thru that didn’t get a load. Only because it’s all me right now, selling, designing, ordering and installing. Not proud that a few have slipped thru, but it happened. Usually I’ll measure the house on first visit, and do the heatload before bringing a contract to sign. I’ll crank the system to high speed and measure the airflow at the registers and compare to the room by room, and check static, so any additional problems can be addressed with the new system. Measuring again during commissioning. I install quite a few Hart and Cooley registers replacing builder grade registers. The biggest part I find is educating the homeowner to know what goes into a proper system, it’s not just setting a box. Informing about a proper heatload, and spending 10 minutes measuring and explaining that everyone should be doing the same. Even tho I might not plug all the info into wrightsoft if they never call back. I used to spend a lot of time doing the load first, and found the other contractors bidding against me, would use my sizing for their bid without doing a load. I’ve probably done literally thousands of manual J heatloads for locally homes, at about 100, I could see difinitive patterns, and use that knowledge from the start.

Junior Tech Answered on March 5, 2018.
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