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Introduce yourself, where you live and the sort of work you do

BryanOrr Pretend Internet Professor Asked on March 2, 2018 in General Conversation.
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I am new to the site, although I have been using the podcast and following Bryan for years, I am a 17 year Commercial service tech by trade but currently hold a position as a Commercial Service Account Manager. I was the lead VRF systems commissioning agent and service technician for many years but have worked on anything that heats, cools, sucks, blows or thinks with relays. Now I meet with people with needs, questions and problems. Solve them by offering my input and set them up for the application specific needs weather it be selling new systems, modifying exiting equipment. Basically a consultant that has a team of skilled techs and Project managers that will run with my plans and execute services in an efficient cost, effective quality driven way. I also use subcontractors to provide anything that falls under the umbrella of facility services.
I have also been an Instructor for my local trade school for 9 years and have taught basic to advanced electrical and refrigeration. I also am a green awareness certified (Gpro) and EPA proctor. I’ve loved the industry since the day I started 1 day after high school and have had great success starting from the bottom and making it to what some may consider the top. I have been a union Journeyman for many years and very much enjoy sharing and learning as much knowledge as I can. Anyone like myself can tell you that no matter how much you know you always have to keep learning as the technology evolves and the way we work adapts to the needs and trends of the industry.

I normally don’t have the time to post on here but I have been recommending HVAC school to all my peers / students and friends for many years since the podcasts became available. There used to be very little information out there for people like us, like this. I was dependent on the factory training and salty, grizzled trade school instructors that hammered theory into me. I have much to share after all my years and I feel a sense of responsibility to give back what I can for the group and certainly wanted to thank you all for making this an excellent (most of the time) place to brainstorm and learn and grow together.

Thanks Bryan!!!

Rookie Answered on December 28, 2018.
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