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Introduce yourself, where you live and the sort of work you do

BryanOrr Pretend Internet Professor Asked on March 2, 2018 in General Conversation.
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Dave from New Orleans.

AAS degree in HVAC from community college in ’92 but the program was in decline and taught by a fossil who said, “you ain’t gotta worry about that commie propaganda ozone layer crap”, the lab consisted of WWII surplus that had been shifted from storeroom to dusty closets. Took those credits and tried for a mechanical engineering degree at a real university however differential calculus convinced me to remain a bartender for waaay too many years.

Been a F&B operations and purchasing manager for a big box convention hotel and since Hurricane Katrina at a corporate horse racetrack / casino / music venue. Tired of dealing with broken employees and pushing paper, finally went for my EPA license last year and started doing refrigeration repair in house. The facility was rebuilt after a fire in the mid -90’s so there is a lot of aging equipment to experiment and learn on.  Fourteen walk ins, three full  kitchens, and fourteen concession stands and bars.  My main gig is still F&B operations, purchasing and inventory controls but I’m so much happier doing PMs and fixing broken stuff. Kind of a unique situation, my boss sees that I’m saving them $, so once I’ve covered my basics have been given pretty free rein.

Goofy thing with corporate accounting, it is easier to get a PO approved for parts for an old piece of equipment or call in an outside company to fix it,  than it is to convince higher ups to include a new unit that would be cheaper and more efficient to purchase outright on an annual equipment accrual.

Go figure.

Ran into this site by total accident via exploring podcasts in search of electrical theory and troubleshooting. Listened to a podcast by some guy who was torturing his home bound hurricane watch caged children talking about free electrons and was intrigued. Wound up stalking Mr. Orr and having the privilege of sitting in on one of his staff training sessions when I was visiting family nearby. Amazing the doors that will open with only the aroma of hot doughnuts.

Have learned many things thru HVAC School and look forward to continuing the journey.

Rookie Answered on June 19, 2018.
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