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Introduce yourself, where you live and the sort of work you do

BryanOrr Pretend Internet Professor Asked on March 2, 2018 in General Conversation.
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My name is John.
I’m 30 somthing, married with 3 kids (will be 4 this year). Live in Utah. Work for the oldest HVAC contractor in Utah (opened their doors in 1910).

Went to Fortis college for their HVAC program. I’m relatively new to the HVAC scene, but I’m a quick study. I’ve come to specialize in Mitsubishi VRF. Also do my fair share of light commercial, along with some boilers and residential thrown in along the way.

I’m passionate about best practices. If somebody challenges what I believe to be the best approach, im going to study the subject until I have enough information-ammunition to blow them out of the water, or until I realize that they’re right and I’m wrong.

I look forward to all these opportunities to share our unique perspectives and learn from eachother.

Super Tech Answered on March 3, 2018.
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