RE: I have a question regarding testing in lower outdoor temperatures.

I have a question regarding testing in lower outdoor temperatures.  We are located in New Jersey and typically try to start our maintenances in April when the outdoor temperatures are less than favorable.  We are using the Fieldpiece charging jacket and asking customers to bring the home temperature up to 74 degrees prior to our arrival.  Will testing without gauges method still be accurate?

scottdesch Rookie Asked on March 27, 2018 in Residential HVAC.
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If outdoor temperatures are below 55F, in my opinion nothing is accurate. I have hard time even with the gauges.  Maybe just to get by. Covering the condenser coil and try to trick it I could get it to cool, but going back on it later on, was way off. All my calls were for not cooling, and never had to do maintenance in low temperatures. In my case if we have a hot afternoon and most people call the next day when it can be 45F outside. People running the heat prior to the arrival helps a lot, but again that means no humidity.  So hard to recreate summer conditions.

Sorry , just realized how long is my answer. But to finish off, non-invasive approach is based on design temperatures and the systems are not designed to work in low temperatures.

Don’t take for granted anything I said, just something to think about. I am an apartment maintenance tech and not a HVAC professional.

Rookie Answered on March 27, 2018.
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