RE: Hi I am researcher in predictive maintenance of HVAC. Can anyone of you give me the list of faults that occur frequently in Air Handling Units

list of faults that occur frequently in an Air Handling Unit

poojitha Rookie Asked on November 27, 2018 in Commercial HVAC.
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Here’s just a few items to that cover a generic list of services I use for fan coil units. I have a list of hundreds of items I have come up with over the years. There’s a ton to consider when itemizing PM verbiage. Hope this helps to make HVAC great again……


clean coils
lube motor and bearings
check belts and sheaves / pulleys
check and clean drain pans
check and clean strainers
check steam traps
check electrical connections, tighten if necessary
check control operations
lube and adjust dampers
check electric heaters
lube fan bearings
check motor amps / volts
check belts and sheaves
check and tighten mounting hardware
check hardware and gaskets
check overall operation
check / clean condenser fan or pumps

Rookie Answered on December 28, 2018.
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