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If you could have the dream tool set up what would it be? Looking to upgrade my “toolbox” and if you have anything to add feel free. 

gauges or smart probes?

micron gauge?

vacuum set up?


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I think I’ve spent my entire career chasing that very same question…lol


I have three trucks that I use (one for plumbing service and construction, one for HVAC/R and one for demolition, Etc…) and there always seems to be a need for more.


I have a fondness for Fieldpiece when it comes to multimeters and the newer bluetooth probes. Testo is great as well, but it’s more of a personal preference.


I love anything Appion for vacuum hoses/kits. I currently have the Megaflow (?) kit from Appion and couldn’t be happier.


I like the Fieldpiece SC640 Multimeter and so far, I love it as well.


I know that a lot of people love the Bluevac vacuum gauge. I personally have a JB as well as the newer fieldpiece and both work really for me.


I have a set of Sman460 as well as the Digicool AK series digital manifolds.


It honestly comes down to personal preference. What can you use to make your diagnosis and actual work quality be improved and possibly faster. I honestly don’t care about being super fast because I’d rather be more thorough so that’s what I shoot for when looking at upgrades.


I could probably write a book on this but i hope that you got my point…lol





Rookie Answered on April 26, 2018.
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