RE: Do we change filter driers on units that have them inside the condenser?


Hey guys

My employer is a lennox dealer and unfortunately on some of the units  they come with driers on the inside of the condenser. Do we have to change them if we are doing a pump down and swapping the evap or txv.

CoryRay Rookie Asked on March 7, 2018 in Residential HVAC.
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I don’t do service a ton anymore, but I did work on Lennox for many years.  When I had to do repairs I would remove them and sweat a straight piece of copper in their place and move them to a more convenient location for future repairs.  When I was doing it was during rashes of bad outdoor txv’s so I had to remove the total charge anyway.

I would also agree with everyone else here that Yes, you should always replace the drier.

Junior Tech Answered on March 7, 2018.
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