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What should the compression ratio be on a scroll r410a compressor, I have found information on how to find out what the compression ratio is, but I can’t find any information on what it is actually supposed to be or how to figure it out looking at the manufacture specs. Any info would be great! thanks

sonsinin Rookie Asked on August 5, 2018 in Residential HVAC.
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What you’re probably looking for in the manufacture specs is the application or operation envelope which is typically in condensing and evaporator temperatures. It’s partly based around compression ratio limits but they were nice enough to convert the absolute pressures to temperatures so you don’t have to calculate compression ratios.

That chart should look something like this from Emerson (

Using this chart and converting the temps to R-410a pressures, it looks like this compressor can operate from about 1.5:1 (55F Evap Temp | 80F Cond Temp) up to 6.6:1 (-10F Evap Temp | 100F Cond Temp).

I hope this helps.


Rookie Answered on August 21, 2018.
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