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Hello all,

I’ve been struggling with a question the past few weeks about my career path in this industry.

Right now, I’m currently employed by a company that deals mainly in residential retrofits and service.  We compete with some other large residential companies here in the Atlanta area.

Recently, I became manager of their newly formed warranty department with the charge to build a team and grow it.  I also included training in my job description as its one of my passions.  My vision for the company is to help every HVAC related department (service, maintenance, warranty, install, and sales) to become better at their tasks.

My conundrum is that it doesn’t feel as if the higher ups in the company want to invest in doing things “the right way”; gross profit margins, budgets, and bottom lines receive much more focus.

I’m trying to be understanding of the forces at work here against the company.  We were recently bought out by a larger company out of state with the goal of growing.  It seemed like I could be a force for good by injecting best practices into our growth plans, but I’m constantly reminded that the company is much more interested in growing quickly rather than growing correctly.

Should I, as someone who values honesty and integrity, continue to stick with a company that doesn’t share my core beliefs?  Or should I continue to try to make a change for the better where I’m at?

Thanks in advance for the help.

oldthinker Parts Changer Asked on March 4, 2018 in Business Talk.
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It sounds like the quest for growth is going to override your goals, from reading your description.  In my opinion when management (such as in large, possibly multi-state companies) are spread too far from the day to day the production quality goes down because the focus is on $, probably the need for a warranty department to begin with.

Finding a company the realizes the things you’re saying.  Installing correctly, good knowledgable tech’s, and a management that is not willing to accept mediocre results (because that’s what really drives the bottom line up, IMO) would be a better fit.  This is probably something that may only be found at a smallish company.

Junior Tech Answered on March 4, 2018.
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